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Merc, Mountain & Dolly | Page Title

Jacobs Pride Mastiffs


Can. Ch. Island west Mercedes, Dralion Mountain of Islandwest And Dolly of Islandwest Playing tug of War
Who is Going To Win???


Two against one?  Mountain and Dolly came over to play with Mercedes, lets just say that Mercedes did not want to share her toys so it turned into a friendly game of tug which they all enjoyed.  Mountain and Dolly are pretty stong for puppies



This is Mountain taking a break from tug of war, he wasn't sure about his new friend Mercedes at first because she was bigger than him, but after awhile he settled right in.  We love your ears Mountain they are sooo cute!!!


Mountain and Dolly will be going to there first dog show this weekend 04/01/06 Good luck Mountain and Dolly We hope you have fun.  there is always lots to see at dog shows

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